Product Detail - Turbo 3014SMD Canbus 880 LED Fog Light Bulbs

Turbo 3014SMD Canbus 880 LED Fog Light Bulbs

  • Brand: Ledo
  • Product Code: B80T1036S3001-CCN
  • Availability: In Stock

Item Number:  B80T1036S3001-CCN

Base Type:    880

LED Chips:    36*3014SMD

Color Available:   White, Blue, Yellow, Red

Voltage:    12-24v

Electric current:   H: 300±20mA

Warranty:   2 years

Non-Polarity:   Yes

Constant- Current:   Yes

CAN-BUS:   Yes

Packing:   Anti-bag, Blister, OEM

Products Feature:

Turbo 3014 SMD series LED bulb has special lighting reflected design. We make a light block metal on the top of bulb body, no straight light will be out from top. 48 pcs of 3014 mini SMD around the bulb will make 360 ring-shape lighting, led light will be emitted to the car lamp reflector and then reflected evenly to outside.

Comapred to straight light, bounced light is better choice because:

(1) Straight light require high power to get high bright; Bounced light makes full use of reflection.

(2) Straight light glares in midpoint which blinds other road users; Bounced light is even and safe.

(3) Straight light forms an average optical shape, Bounced light forms a central focus optical shape. 


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